Poll: Has Wenger Done Enough to Warrant a New Contract

With rumours of Wenger’s contract being delayed, it begins to spark questions over what the hold up is it and why they haven’t been able to announce it yet. Some fans over recent seasons have been entirely against Wenger, believing that he was holding the club back from reaching it’s maximum potential. I personally believe that for what he has, Wenger has done well over the past few seasons and he is still the man for the job. While I wish that he would open the chequebook on more occasions. It’s the begging of a new financial stability at the club, and there are few people who I would trust with the newly added funds other than Wenger. This season, he has proven that he still has the ability to get a team to compete at the top level and a trophy may be waiting for us at the end of the season, a trophy that would have come through years of progress and delay, yet earned rather than bought. Do you think Wenger should get a new contract? Vote and leave a comment below.


Is Carl Jenkinson a Reliable Back Up?

Carl Jenkinson in Action for the Gunners.

Yesterday, Jenkinson had an unfortunate performance in which he made one costly error and failed to show us why he should be in the first team. Jenkinson has had glimpses of potential before, but at the age of 21, it is time for him to become more consistent in his performances. He had a couple of good games this season, but in many games he has looked poor. Jenkinson is our second choice right back after Sagna, and is the only one who can answer if Sagna were to get an injury. With his inconsistent performances, some fans may get a little edgy when he is playing, especially against big teams. We are left to answer the question,”Should we sell him in January, or should we give him more time?” Remember, Gibbs had a couple of poor performances when he was first inducted into the first team, but Jenkinson is a bit older than Gibbs was at the time. So what do you think? Should Jenkinson be let go? Vote and leave your thoughts below.

(Poll) Is Bendtner a Good Enough Backup?

Nicklas Bendtner was all set to leave the club on transfer deadline day before Arsenal failed to bring in a new striker. Now, we are left with only him and Giroud as experienced centre forwards. Many fans would be disgruntled to see Bendtner still at the club, but seeing as he is one of the only strikers we have, we may actually need him.  Bendtner has been poor in his last two seasons and has had his fair share of problems off of the pitch.

Do you think he is a good enough to be a backup to Giroud? Vote and leave a comment below.

How Many Players Do We Need In Order To Compete?

With only a couple of weeks until the end of the transfer window, it’s about time for Wenger to make a poor offer for a Frenchman. Arsenal have made a £10m bid for Cabaye which of course was rejected. I don’t rate Cabaye too highly and I don’t see him as being a player that we need. We do need a defensive midfielder, but why Cabaye? Gustavo would have been a great choice.

Many fans want Wenger to sign players, but I would seriously rather wait and sign Suarez for £55m than sign Cabaye, Cesar, Williams, and Michu for that money. Why? Because non of these players will turn us into title contenders. Yes, we need a defensive midfielder badly, but we need to sign players that can win us the league. When City had so much money, they bought Yaya Toure from Barcelona, they didn’t look for a French injury prone player from Newcastle.

So the question is, “How many players do we need in order to compete for the title?” Also, which players would you sign? Vote and leave a comment below.

Would You Want Suarez To Join Arsenal?


Luis Suarez was grabbing the headlines all of last season not only due to some amazing performances, but also due to the controversy that surrounds him. Arsenal have seen some things that they like in him and have reportedly made a new £42m bid for Uruguay’s record goal scorer. No one can deny his skill, but the extra baggage that he comes with may lead many to not want him to join the club. Since he is already going to miss the first six games of the season (plus any more suspensions he may receive during the year) he is only going to play a maximum of 32 games in the league next season. Many people will be divided over whether or not he should join, and it would be interesting to see the reactions of the fans. Vote and leave a comment below over your opinion of Luis Suarez.

What Position Does Arsenal Need to Strengthen Most

We're going to Arsenal!!

We’re going to Arsenal!!

Arsenal have been linked with someone in just about every position in the transfer window so far. Of course, Wenger is not going to sign them all, but every supporter believes that he needs to strengthen one position more than another. I personally believe that Wenger needs to add some firepower to the squad, and signing Higuain and/or Jovetic would be my top priority. I’m interested to hear in what you would do. Vote and leave a comment telling which player you would sign for each position. 

Would You Rather Fabregas or Higuain?

Arsenal have been recently linked with Argentine striker Gonzalo Higuain, and also former captain Cesc Fabregas. Higuain will definitely be leaving at the end of this season after saying that he wants a new challenge. Fabregas has been rumored to be allowed to leave, even though it is not very likely. Anyways, if you had the choice, would you rather get our beloved Fabregas back to the club, or would you rather get Higuain, a prolific goalscorer, to join? I would personally rather get Fabregas because he was my favorite player and he has bags of ability. Higuain would still be a great signing though. So who would you rather? Vote and leave a comment below.

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