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Poll: Has Wenger Done Enough to Warrant a New Contract

With rumours of Wenger’s contract being delayed, it begins to spark questions over what the hold up is it and why they haven’t been able to announce it yet. Some fans over recent seasons have been entirely against Wenger, believing that he was holding the club back from reaching it’s maximum potential. I personally believe that for what he has, Wenger has done well over the past few seasons and he is still the man for the job. While I wish that he would open the chequebook on more occasions. It’s the begging of a new financial stability at the club, and there are few people who I would trust with the newly added funds other than Wenger. This season, he has proven that he still has the ability to get a team to compete at the top level and a trophy may be waiting for us at the end of the season, a trophy that would have come through years of progress and delay, yet earned rather than bought. Do you think Wenger should get a new contract? Vote and leave a comment below.

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