Özil Would Have Come for Free- Gervinho is Deluded


Another quiet day passes by in the worst weekend of football in the season…

It’s quite depressing not being able to watch any games during the weekend. Yes, there are the lower division games, but not watching the Premier League every weekend is like a little piece of me dying. The little boy inside of me wants to explode.

Speaking of the little boys inside of us, Özil has come out and said that he would have joined Arsenal for free:

“In some way, that conversation flicked a switch in me and made me realise what I had lost at Madrid – transparency, trust, respect,” Ozil told Die Welt.

“Arsene told me exactly how he saw me, how he wanted to use me, what he expected of me.

“I would have even joined Arsenal for free.”

You can interpret what he said in a couple of different ways, one being he has no control over how much he costs and he wouldn’t have cared if he joined for free, but I am going to say that he was so moved by the conversation that he had with Wenger that he has changed his perspective of life and become a gooner and when he says he would have joined for free he means that money is no longer an object that he holds to have any importance.

One player who does not fit into that category was Ivory Coast calamity Gervinho. He came out and said this yesterday:

“I was not getting much time on the pitch and was in need of this time to improve and play my best football. Wenger was not prepared to give it to me,” he explained to The Sun.

“Also my position on the wing was not what I was expecting and I wasn’t happy with it.”

“It would have helped had he shown more confidence in me,” he added.

The problem with Gervinho wasn’t that Wenger didn’t show any confidence in him, it was that he was absolute crap. He was one of those players who I believe is stronger when he is sitting on the bench than when he is playing- literally. I would rather us be playing with ten men than playing with two Gervinhos in a team. Of course, he isn’t the only player that I feel this way about (Our new number 23).

Better than Messi and Pele combined?

There is some talk going around about Wenger being offered a new deal. Why is he getting a new deal you may ask? Well apparently it is for signing Mesut Özil. Yes, signing a player has awarded Wenger a new contract. Not for the fact that he has not won the league for ten years or been on a trophy drought for eight , it is because we have signed one world class player and let go of several of our own.

I like Wenger as a person. He is somebody who you would want in charge of your club, but his failure to adapt to the changing world of football has led us to fall behind some of the new powerhouses. Do I think he is worth a new deal? It is too soon to say. A couple of weeks ago I would have wanted him sacked but I am prepared to give him til the end of the season to show us if he still has any magic left in him. It would be sad to see him go no matter what the circumstances are. He is and will forever be an Arsenal legend, which is something that may be keeping his job at the moment. A title and the Champions League at the end of the season would be a nice way to go out though.


Özil Signing Changes Things



Next Bergkamp???

International weekends are the absolute worst thing once the season starts. It feels like you need to be doing something, but you don’t want to do anything except for watch football. Of course, the matter isn’t helped at all since we have to wait another week before we can see our new star man play.

I watched the second half of the Germany-Austria game yesterday, to see how our new boy is in action. To sum it all up for you, he is incredibly sound in possession, good in tight spaces, and is sort of like the anti-Denilson. As I am sure you are all aware, Denilson only passed the ball sidewards, as Özil is always looking forward. Özil played as a lone striker in the last 10 minutes of the game which could be a preview of something that may happen at Arsenal. Can Wenger be set to play with the false number 9? We certainly have enough midfielders to do so.

Midfielders are probably the most important part of any team. Games are won or lost in midfield (although the same goes for defence). Arsenal’s game is dependent on the midfield though, so a strong and large midfield has to be in order if Arsenal’s style of football is to be functioning properly. Arsenal’s midfield without Özil is very strong, so it was surprising to see Arsenal make a midfielder as their marquee signing of the Summer.

Obviously, Wenger wanted to sign a creative goalscorer, or get two for the price of one (Di Maria and Benzema). After we missed out on Suarez, Wenger had to make the decision over who to go after. It made perfect sense for us to try and get Di Maria and Benzema, but unfortunately for us, neither of them wanted to leave Madrid. Out of nowhere came the Cabaye bid, which I am not even sure why we bid for him.

Signing Flamini practically ended our Cabaye chase, and to be honest, I would rather Flamini on a free than spending £20m on a player who was probably not going to be in our first team. Flamini is also a versatile player, being able to play right back and the centre of the park. The Flamini signing didn’t go so well at first with Arsenal fans, mainly because we all wanted to sign a big marquee player.

At the end of the transfer window, we weren’t sure at all what we were going to get. We were linked with about 250 players, but none of them even seemed like real targets, not even Özil. However, we were all pretty certain that we would get someone from Madrid as Wenger spoke of the “domino effect” that would occur once Bale joined the Spanish giants.

Shortly after Bale left Spurs, Arsenal were revealed to be in advanced talks over signing Mesut Özil. At first, I was excited but I was also confused over why we needed to sign a creative midfielder. But if you look at the stats and really think about the club, you will see that Özil is a perfect signing. Our midfield is very good but we still were lacking a real Fabregas-esque player. Cazorla is very good, but he is not someone who I believe is going to be able to pull all the strings together by himself. Wislhere has potential, but his injury problems and expectations have overwhelmed him. Zelalem looks to be a real talent, but at 16 you don’t want him playing too many games. Rosicky is getting up there in years, so this looks to be his last season. Özil on the other hand, is 24 and better than all the players mentioned before.

So transfer deadline day came and we eventually got our man, but I was very  disappointed that we weren’t able to get a striker. If you look at the Arsenal squad, there is a big difference in quality throughout all of the positions. Having Bendtner and Park up front is not what I would have expected at the begging of the season.

Bendtner spent all Summer making a fool of himself as he rejected at least 5 clubs due to his incomprehensible wages. In the end, he wasn’t even able to join Crystal Palace. There was the agreement with Arsenal to let him go, but because we couldn’t find a striker, he had to stay. I personally thought that Demba Ba on loan would have been a great signing. We would have got him for a season while we tried to sign a real striker in the Winter or next Summer. Now, we are sweating every time Giroud plays. Please let Sanogo be the next Henry.

The only reason I can find, or hope to find, for Arsenal not signing a big name striker was because they are planning on spending in January. We all know that Suarez was our number one target this Summer, and he may be our number one target this Winter. It’s sort of hard to predict what will happen in January but we all need to hope that it is something good.

Özil joining is not just great on the field though, His singing has uplifted the spirits of every single Arsenal fan. Plus, he may have changed the way clubs look at us. We now know that the club is willing to spend £40m+ on a player and that we can attract the top players. Now that Özil has joined, I want to find one striker who doesn’t want to play in our midfield. If we can attract a big name striker, we would truly, truly, be title contenders once more.

Özil Joins Arsenal- Ahaa!



Arsenal has officially created the best midfield in the league.

Wilshere, Cazorla, Ramsey, Flamini, Rosicky, Arteta, and Diaby all currently occupy our midifeld. You may even be able to put Podolski and Walcott in their as well. What does Wenger do? Wenger’s only gone out and signed Mesut Özil.

It’s quite a brilliant piece of transfer business and I’m absolutely buzzing. He is without doubt one of the top 3 midfielders in the world, and he plays for Arsenal! Wow, if only we signed a striker to go along with him.

It was widely expected that Özil was going to join Arsenal as many top British newspapers reported it yesterday. It is believed that the deal was already in place to go through and we were just waiting for Bale to join Madrid, so Real wouldn’t have any problems in getting Bale. Surely if Tottenham knew we were in neogotiations for Özil they would have made Real do something else for them. Overall, it was some pretty smart play by the two clubs.

This is exactly the sort of player that we have been needing. A true marquee player that would make others want to join as well. If you see how excited the fans are, you know that he is a good signing. The only problem is that we should have signed a striker with him.

Demba Ba was linked earlier but as soon as Chelsea knew we were going to get Özil, I believe they backed out of the deal. Fair enough, they know we are now title contenders. However, we should of at least got someone. That someone should have been Higuain.

Overall, it has been a pretty good couple of days for Arsenal. Let’s get this straight. Arsenal beat Tottenham, a team that have spent £110m, in the North London Derby. Tottenham sold their Chimp to Real. Arsenal signed one of the best players in the world who hasn’t even reached his peak yet. Yep, that sounds about right.

And people want Arsene sacked.

Arsenal Prove Quality- Transfers Coming


Mesut Ozil

North London Derby day is always a special day, and it is always a bit more sweet when you win. It’s even more sweet when you beat a team that has just spent £110m on players.

Yes, you can complain about Wenger not strengthening, but you cannot complain about our performance. We truly were the better side from the start and we have once again proved that we do have quality. However, we have also shown that we lack depth badly.

When you’re bench consists of a 16 year old who looks like he is 10 years old and a new signing that doesn’t appear to have played football before in his life, you start to worry. Fortunately, we didn’t have to experiment as we had Flamini, Sagna, and Monreal come off of the bench.

Not going to go too much in detail into the game as I am sure you all know what happened, but Arsenal started better and got their reward from Giroud finishing very clinically 6 years away from goal. I’m not a Giroud fan at all, but you have to admit that it was a classy finish. He has shown that he can score this season, which is a big plus for us, but we still need a new striker.

Cazorla was immense in midfield, playing the silky smooth football. His second freekick was almost a superb goal and he was very unfortunate to miss. Ramsey was a boss again in midfield, while Flamini showed that he still can do a job. Mertesacker was impressive in defence, winning countless amounts of headers. Szczesny impressed once again to give the manager a reason not sign a new goalkeeper, although it looks like Emiliano Viviano is set to join the club.

Wenger spoke after the game on transfers:

I am not against spending money, but I want to add super quality to our squad. Tottenham got a lot of money for Bale, they have to invest it – I understand that. The need is different for us, we need one or two super players and we will try to add that. We have 24 more hours, so maybe we can surprise you. Maybe not – but I am confident.

I cannot wait too see who are the super players Wenger is after. Lots of talk has been around Ozil and if he were to join that would be superb. Imagine him and a top striker joining. I would literally cry if that happens. Anyways, deadline day has arrived so shit is about to get real. Enjoy your sick day.

Midfielders Galore Linked


Spurs reached £110m today. Arsenal are still trying to pass the -£10m mark.

Wenger’s lack of transfer activity has come to as a surprise to many people, but one thing that surprises me most is what players we are being linked with.

What do you mean by that? We have just signed Flamini, wanted to sign Cabaye, and now are linked with Ozil, Draxler, and Kaka. Heck, we are linked with just about every player on the Real squad right now. Still, I believe Di Maria is the most likely to join, but only after Bale has left Tottenham.

If I was Wenger, I would do everything to bolster my strike force. With Podolski and Chamberlain facing long periods on the sidelines, our most dangerous attacking threat right now it probably Theo Walcott. That’s not saying anything good. Walcott has matured in the past couple of seasons but he is not a finished product, I hope. His finishing and decision making seem to be his two biggest problem areas, although he has improved in his finishing over the past year a bit.

Right now, our main striker role is occupied by Giroud and Sanogo. Giroud isn’t clinical enough nor good enough to be my first choice striker. Watching Sanogo play is a bit of a pain. He’s young, but not that young, and seems to have no clue what he is doing. He makes Bendtner look like Messi.

Out of the current striker options available, I would go for Cavani. Oh wait, he left at the beginning of the Summer. I guess we’ll just have to sign Falcao. Yep, that’s right, he left even earlier than Cavani. It’s a card game people, everyone is afraid to do any business early, just ask City, Chelsea, PSG, and Monaco.

Back onto the main subject, I don”t really think our midfield needs to be strengthened that much. It never hurts to have too many good players, but the fact that we are obviously lacking quality in other key areas means that we need to strengthen there first. Out of the midfield players linked, I would be happy for us to sign Draxler. He’s only 19, but without a doubt he will be the next Gotze. He already has experience in the Bundesliga making 78 appearances for Schalke, and winning six international caps for Germany. Sounds like a good Wenger signing to me.

Coming to Arsenal!

I would be happy to see Kaka join as well, but a player like him isn’t really what we need. We have Rosicky to be our old experienced player to come in and do a job, so a move for him is unlikely. Fellaini would have been my personal choice to sign at the beginning of the Summer, but dreams die when you are an Arsenal fan.

Tottenham’s new look squad means that Arsenal have to be careful this weekend. They have signed some good players that will make them become a title force, however, I do believe that this current Arsenal squad can put up a fight against them this Sunday. It will be tricky, but the Red side of London always prevails.

Wenger Has a Lot of Work to Do


Sanogo has played more Champions League football than Spurs will this season!

To be a good side and to be a great side are two different things. There are many things that contribute to becoming a great side, one of which is great players, but another is something that Arsenal lacks, great ambition. Sometimes, taking risks is less risky than taking none at all. The current Arsenal board lacks and imagination or desire to change the direction of the club, and they seem to be fine with that.

Say what you want about the current group of players, but they are not bad. They aren’t great but they are a side capable of competing for Champions League football. The Premier League is a bit of a stretch but Champions League football should be something that this team can compete for. We have gotten rid of a lot of week links in the side which is a big plus, but unfortunately, the squad hasn’t been strengthened at all. And to some extent, it has weakened.

At the start of the Summer, we were linked to a plethora of marquee signings, it was impossible to believe that we would be this close to deadline day with a £10m profit to our bank. Yet, the current dumbos in charge of the club see no need to spend big. There is absolutely no reason not to spend big though. We have the money, we have Champions League football, we just lack ambition.

I believe that Wenger does want to strengthen, but the club is so bad at negotiating, we haven’t been able to make any sufficient offers. That being said, I believe that Wenger has way too much faith in his current squad. Is it time for him to go? I think so. A top, young, hungry manager would want to spend big. AVB is the perfect example. Bale hasn’t even left the club and they are going well above the £100m mark. And they don’t even have Champions League football!

The time has come to sign some class. Not Flamini or Cabaye, but actual players. The only way this can happen is if the board comes to their senses, which will only happen through their wallets. If the club starts to make less and less money, then the board may just say that it is time to start spending. This could be a crazy theory considering the board seems to be completely messed up.

A director of football is needed, badly. We don’t need some Ivan Gazidis who wants to pocket money for himself, we need a David Dein and an Usmanov, people that actually want the club to do well for themselves. Seriously, if I was in charge of the club, I would guarantee that we would be title contenders. I would even work for free, something that none of the current board members would ever do.

So in a nutshell, Wenger needs to sign some players in the next few days. At least five. Chances are becoming slimmer that we are actually going to get a world class player, which is very disappointing in my opinion. It is perhaps to late for the club to change it’s ways this Summer, and I am afraid that we will be punished for it. Liverpool and Tottenham are now stronger in my opinion, and until we sign some marquee players, that will be the case for years to come.

Arsenal 2-0 Fenerbahce- Champions League Secured


For the 16th consecutive season, Arsenal have made it to the Champions League group stages!

Not that there was much doubt after that 3-0 win in the first leg, but you can never be too sure with the Arsenal. The boys did well and now we can take it easy until Sunday. By we, I mean the players, not Wenger who needs to be working till the early hours to sign some players!

There were a few positives from the game. For one, Ramsey was magnificent again. His second goal was a touch of a class and his first came down to being in the right place at the right time. Cazorla was wonderful and played some silky smooth football at times. He was unlucky not to score in the second half with a low left footed shot. Overall, it was a positive and relieving win from the Gunners.

One negative was that Podolski did pull up at the beginning of the second half. He looks to be out for a few weeks which can only mean that we now have to sign a winger. Di Maria looks most likely but any deal for him is probably not going to be announced until Bale leaves for Madrid. Di Maria is a player I like but I don’t believe he is a game changer in the squad. Still, he will be a very much welcomed addition.

One interesting point is that Juan Mata’s father was at the game. Juan Mata is supposedly transfer listed by Chelsea, for some reason having been player of the season twice in a row for the Blues. If he were to join it would be an absolutely magnificent signing. Can’t really see that one happening though.

Arsenal have a week to get their transfer deals sorted. Flamini and Cabaye look to be the two most likely, which is actually quite sad. Cabaye is probably the only person that wants the deal to go through while Flamini is stuck without a club. Anyways, anyone is better nothing. Let’s hope that we see some real players join though.